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Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Last week, for the final class of my first Music, Forest, Body series of 4 online weekly classes, I guided students through a visualization connecting our physical form, to the greater formation of the wonderous Earth from which we spring, live, and from which we shall all return.

In honour of Earth Day ( April 22 2022) I’d like to share the visualization you can do when you have a bit of time and space to either lie down or sit if that’s more comfortable for you. If colour and sound feel appropriate as you practice, explore these elements as well along with the visualization…

Using the diagram attached here of the Earth and its many layers from the inner core to the atmosphere, or from your own knowledge, begin by closing your eyes and drawing your awareness waaaay down towards the very centre of the Earth, the Inner Core. Sense the heat, the creative energy gathering in its depths. Gradually begin to connect your depths, the embryonic cells which developed at the beginning of your creation to form your digestive tract, your lungs. Breath and be with any and all images and sensations as they arise. When you‘re ready, shift your attention back to the Inner Core, and let it rise up to the Outer Core, a little cooler, though more fluid and dynamic. Sense this energy. Now draw your awareness to the organs of your Liver, Pancreas. Feel their strength, and softness. If you like, you may want to bring your hands to your lower belly and sound a gentle ‘Ha’ a few times.

From here, draw your awareness to the layer just above the Outer Core, the Lower Mantle. Sense the shift as the layers rise. Sense the vastness of this layer, representing just over half of Earth’s total volume, the layer of transition from the core to the crust. From here the seismic vibrations of earthquakes and vibrations are generated. Now, feel your bones, all 206 or so. Sense their breath, their temperature and aliveness. Allow your attention to now rise from the Lower Mantle up towards the Upper Mantle. Sense it’s steadfastness, Sense the movements here as hot rock materials rise, and cooler materials drift downwards. What colours and images come to mind as your attention rests here? Can you sense your pulse or heartbeat? Feel your veins, connective tissues and muscles dance! Bringing one or both hands to the centre of your chest, form the whisper sound ‘Shhhhh’ repeat a few times if you like.

Raising your attention back now from the Upper Mantle to the Earth’s Crust, a fine layer, accounting for just 1% of Earths volume. Sense all that you connect to in this layer we all know so intimately. Feel the clay, the mud, the waters of the oceans, lakes and rivers. Now in your own body, sense your nervous system, your brain, your skin. Can you sense the vibrancy? The humming? From Earths Crust, lifting now to the outer layer of the Earth, our Atmosphere. In this many layered level, we live in the Troposphere, where we live and all weather, and clouds are formed. Sense the weather, the air, all of the creatures and plants coming from the Crust and into the Atmosphere. What colours, sounds, sensations meet you here? Now can you feel your skin, and all of the fine hairs sprouting up from it? Can you sense the space around yourself and how you, me, all of us connect through the Atmosphere? What sounds do you notice? What temperature? How does your skin communicate with the air? Is there a sense of expanding into the space? How does this intimate relationship feel? Bringing one hand to the forehead, allow the back of your throat to soften and form a long ‘Ahhh’ sound, repeating as many times as you like.

Rest. Notice what you feel. Has anything shifted from before the practice? Nothing necessarily has to, though just notice if it has. Breath :)

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