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 *As of February 2024 I am on the Dancing with Parkinson's substitute teachers roster. I am looking forward to this next leg of my journey to eventually become a full fledge dance teacher.

Last year (February 2023) I enrolled  in a year of training with Dance for PD, with the goal to eventually become a dance teacher for Dancing With Parkinson's, studying with Sarah Robichaud ( Dancing With Parkinson's Canada) and David Leventhal ( Dance for PD, NYC) . I am excited to be combining my love of dance with my passion to support People with Parkinson's move with Joy !


Mime Over Matter~mentoring with developer ,Barbara Salsberg Mathews , to learn how to apply mime principals to help People with Parkinson's move with more ease and confidence.

Spirit Loft ~ Embodied Arts Teacher Training (2017),continuing studies ~ Catalina Moraga & Andre Talbot 

Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery (PWR! Moves) Certified Instructor

Fighting Monkey( FM) Linda Kapetanea & Jozef Frucek various classes and workshops

FM Inspire teacher,Finland, Elke Schroeder 

FM Inspire teacher , England, Samantha Emanual

Movement for Trauma level 1, 2020- Jane Clapp

HandEyeBody continuing online studies - Dr Jacob Weiss 

Neuro Dramatic Play(NDP) Intensive, Malaysia, 2017- Dr Sue Jennings

Yoga Therapist certification, 2012- Yoga Therapy Toronto 

Authentic Movement & Sensory Awareness-Leslie French

B.A. theatre major 1994- Dalhousie University 

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